The „Befugnis“ as the special authorisation for the professional practice as a „Ziviltechniker“ (Chartered Engineering Consultants) is awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour. Natural freelance persons as well as business associations of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants may hold an authorisation.

After passing the licensing examination the applicant has to take the oath, that she/he will observe the law, her/his responisibilties and the duty to keep confidential.

Chartered Engineering Consultants are authorised to work in scientific, technological or mining areas and in the field of environmental/soil sciences, providing planning, testing, supervising, consulting, co-ordinating and mediative services for their entire expert field. They also act as trustees, handle and settle projects, draft reports, act as representatives before authorities and public law corporations and draw up public documents in their fields of specialisation using a seal as sign of authorisation and certification.